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The Business of Storytelling

What happens when you cross the proven expertise of an 87 year-old ad agency headquartered on 21st Street with one of the most imaginative digital-strategy firms on the block? You arrive at 21st & Wonder.

21st & Wonder, the interactive division of Bayard Advertising— takes traditional marketing and advertising to the next level by providing innovative technological and creative strategies to not just sell a brand, but to tell its story. While 21st & Wonder prides itself on design and technology, our track record of success in addressing our clients’ bottom-line goals and objectives sets us apart from the competition.

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Our bright ideas


Sony Music Japan approached 21st & Wonder to create a viral marketing piece that would promote the J-pop sensation, HALCALI, among manga readers. To do this, we created a music video which featured video clips from HALCALI’s hit “Sister Ship,” and merged it with specially created animation from our newly released manga, eV (published through TokyoPop, the largest publisher of manga in the U.S.). The story follows a teenage girl that is swept up in a worldwide effort to save the Earth from impending aliens.

Sony EV website
With HALCALI’s upcoming Japanese CD release and pending U.S. CD release, eV provided a unique opportunity to collaborate on a fun and unique element for fans of both genres. Spacedog worked closely with James Farr to produce video animation to set to HALCALI’s song Sister Ship, creating a video encompassing the youthful appeal of both eV and HALCALI. We also executed a viral marketing campaign in conjunction with TokyoPop, seeding the video and clips from eV on manga websites, blogs and message boards.


Starz WalledIn
21st & Wonder (SDE) partnered with Starz to create a captivating story (presented as a graphic novel) that served as the prequel for Starz’s latest movie, Walled In, starring Mischa Barton. In addition, we designed and launched the movie’s website (www.walledinthemovie.com), using it as a platform to cross-promote the two entities. The franchise was created to generate further interest in the story surrounding Walled In and provide multiple touch points for consumers to tap into.

The graphic novel was launched online in chapters in the weeks leading up to the release of the DVD. In addition, a marketing campaign was executed that focused on distributing content virally, seeding images and clips from the movie and the graphic novel through industry opinion leaders on trade news sites, message boards and blogs.


HBO TrueBlood Reader
21st & Wonder was approached by HBO to create a unique and compelling story to serve as the prequel for their upcoming TV series, True Blood. HBO’s goal was to have fresh content created that complimented the series and utilized new platforms of distribution to lure in fans of Alan Ball and the series of novels the show is based on. The comic’s goal was to engage fans in the TV series before it even started, creating buzz and acting as another tool in the show’s extensive marketing campaign.

With that, HBO, 21st & Wonder and Top Cow Productions partnered together to create the comic series True Blood: The Great Revelation. The story launched online July 24th 2008 at HBO.com/TrueBlood and featured new story installations weekly until the launch of the TV show in September 2008.

HBO TrueBlood Aintitcool
21st & Wonder executed the marketing campaign for the comic in addition to providing support for the launch and distribution of over 80,000 copies of the print comic at San Diego Comic Con, 2008. In addition to conventional print and banner ads in trade magazines and on comic news websites, SDE exploited viral marketing through seeding and digital PR as well as initiating retailer promotions across the U.S. Viral marketing efforts via blogs, message boards and websites generated awareness and interest in the comic book and addressed the major promotional initiatives that took place at San Diego Comic-Con.

JP Morgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase
JP Morgan Chase is a leading global financial services firm with assets of $1.5 trillion, operating in more than 50 countries and employing more than 170,000 employees. A key component of their annual hiring plans is their University Relations activity, targeting acquisition of leading business and finance graduates from 1st tier universities. After a few years that included company mergers and re-organizations, JPMorgan Chase felt that they were losing touch with this highly sought after group of candidates and wanted to invigorate all of their university outreach materials and tactics.

Beginning with a research driven Discovery process that integrated primary research insights of university students, JPMorgan Chase’s own recruiter stakeholders and the best practices of relevant competitors in and out of the finance space, 21st & Wonder created a vibrant concept pallet of messaging, imagery, photography and content pacing applied to an extensive portfolio of print deliverables, premise career fair materials and a university recruiting web site designed for maximum engagement with minimal number of clicks.

University of Kentucky

Gatton College came to 21st & Wonder with two main challenges. The first was how to re-position the brand so that all of its constituencies (faculty, business partners, students, business news and media organizations) would take notice of their redesigned MBA program, achievements, new professors and the school itself. The second was how to create a professional visual language that was expressive of the wealth of value and pockets of excellence the school had developed, but at the same time, not alienate its local Kentucky constituencies.

Gatton homepage

Armed with the information uncovered through research and examination of hundreds of competing schools and programs, we went about the task of filtering and interpreting it into meaningful brand and creative strategies. This covered brand positioning, a segmented brand promise for their three core constituencies, brand personality development and editorial voice.

Its not an easy decision for a large organization to change its logo, but Gatton was determined to signal change, and redesigning a logo is one of the top methods of accomplishing this. We explored a range of aesthetic and thematic approaches that fit the criteria our Discovery laid out. We developed a comprehensive Brand Voice Guide.

Gatton MBA center

Over the next year or two, the new brand and logo were rolled out in several hundred pieces of collateral, from advertising, billboards, alumni magazine, newsletter, marketing, signage, and most notably the college’s website. The website is a hub for all constituents to engage with and learn more about Gatton. With 21st & Wonder’s help, Gatton College of Business & Economics is well on its way toward making a large impact on a world that easily overlooked it.


21st & Wonder worked with the d expósito & partners team and McDonald’s to create an exciting mini site for the Test Launch of their Angus Third Pounder Burger in the New York market. The site is an engaging, fun-filled and contemporary way of introducing customers to the three Angus burgers. Working together, we created a flash experience that includes webisodes, online gaming, music and saturated colors to engage and entice users with the brand and provide product information on the burgers.

McDonald's Angusmania
The site was geared towards the Hispanic demographic but was executed bi-lingually with content that would appeal to both Spanish and English speakers. Through promotions and events, major traffic was pushed to the site where users spent several minutes engaging with content, especially the PacMan-inspired game created to hype the Angus Third Pounder.


To promote the weekly Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network, 21st & Wonder worked with Lucasfilm to create a unique online reader interface for the webcomic The Clone Wars: Prelude. We developed a customized online reader that matches the look and feel of the Star Wars website and incorporates display advertising and capitalizes on. The online reader and its content are updated each week, encouraging repeat visitation and brand affinity.